Win Time Technology was interviewed by CNN senior reporters《Revolutionary Eco-Friendly, Plant-Based Fire-Extinguishing Agent Introduced by Win Time Technology》

Original website HSINCHU CITY, Taiwan, Feb. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — An increasing emphasis on protecting the environment has led to the adoption of a number of stricter environmental protocols around the globe. In addition to the world’s governments, private companies are now under increasing pressure to comply, usually with one of two outcomes: they flounder and go out of … Read more

Message from NoAW KESP Member WIN TIME

Original website WIN TIME TECHNOLOGY CORP. has been spending nearly 20 years on implementing an innovative fire extinguisher, with filled agents come from plants, more than 30 species through processes, which proved to be effective and good welfare to environment, ecology system and human being. They had a demonstration of their products on the 2nd Annual Meeting in Taiwan. Click … Read more